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Pura Naturals Pet™ is dedicated to delivering the highest quality
products using only the best materials the Earth has to offer.


Pura Naturals Pet and RADIUS launch new products in conjunction with February’s Dog Dental Month that will have customers and their pets smiling. What’s better than a company creating an organic way to clean canines’ teeth and gums? Two companies, one mission: better by design.
Pura Naturals Pet is honored to announce that the California State Legislation has recognized their philanthropy program for pet wellness in conjunction for their work with Karma Rescue and the Paws for Life program.
Q2 Newsletter - Thursday, November 2, 2017
We've had a lot of exciting changes at Pura Naturals Pet this year. From new products and programs, to new team members and vendors. All with a renewed focus on our customers and providing you with the best products and services to grow your business.