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Pura Naturals Pet is committed to supporting pets in all communities. We strive to be a responsible corporate partner and to make a difference for pets and their owners. This is reflected in how our cruelty-free products are ethically made and how we give back.

We support our communities on a national level by making in-kind donations to the charitable organizations our customers support. We focus our contributions on organizations that foster pet wellness and rescue. We have donated thousands of dollars through product requests, monetary contributions, and volunteer hours to charities with a national footprint for animal wellness. For our 2017 Philanthropic efforts, Pura Naturals Pet selected to partner with Karma Rescue, and the Houston SPCA, aiding their efforts with pet rescues during Hurricane Harvey.

ABOUT | Karma Rescue & Paws for Life
Karma Rescue is a non-profit organization dedicated to saving animals in need by finding them permanent homes and providing the resources for successful companionship. Through education, we instill the critical need for spay/neuter and offer guidance to strengthen the animal-human bond. Our vision is to help create a compassionate society which provides safety, refuge and protection for all animals. Their Paws for Life Program rescues dogs in animal shelters that are designated for euthanasia and places them with inmates in maximum security prisons. The inmates are taught by Karma trainers how to teach the dogs “Good Canine Citizenship.” The dogs graduate out of the program as ‘highly adoptable’ and are placed by Karma Rescue in forever homes. Karma’s newest program places dogs into prison-based training to respond to the symptoms of PTSD.


SPCA International works to stop the abuse and suffering of animals with innovative programs that serve both animals and their human caretakers. SPCA International distributes critical veterinary medical supplies to animal welfare groups throughout the world. As a result, organizations in developing countries have been able to treat more sick and injured animals. SPCA International has distributed millions of dollars in veterinary supplies and medication to shelters on almost every continent. SPCA International also serves and partners with shelters, rescue groups and governments around the world. Through these unique and pioneering partnerships local organizations are able to rescue, treat, rehabilitate, feed, sterilize and home more animals than ever before.