Ardsley, NY – March 20 – Pura Naturals Pet rolls out their new 2018 offering with new products in their award-winning grooming and wellness line.

A special pre-release in February of the new Organic Dental Solutions kits were targeted for National Pet Dental month with much success. The kit comes with an age-specific Eco-Brush and Sweet Potato & Cinnamon Dental Gel that’s tough on bacteria and plaque. It helps freshen your dog’s breath, removes tartar and fights plaque without any preservatives, dyes, or chemicals. Kits are available for Puppy, Adult and Senior Dogs.

Along with the new Xylitol free organic Dentals Kits, Pura Naturals Pet introduces a time-saving Certified USDA Organic 2-In-1 Avocado & Olive Oil Shampoo and Conditioner with organic Hemp Seed Oil that serves as a natural moisturizer and acts as a barrier to prevent moisture loss. The combo shampoo/conditioner is packed with proteins, amino acids and vitamins to soothe the skin and Olive Oil to moisturize it. Our organic 2-In-1 has no preservatives or additives, and no chemical foaming agents, dyes, or preservatives. It’s also Paraben, Sulfate and Formaldehyde free.

Beth Sommers President and Chief Merchandising Officer stated “Our customers look to us for healthy organic products. Along with looking at trends, we listen to our customer’s requests. There was a clear need for a natural and healthier alternative for addressing fleas & ticks. This is why we created our new Natural Flea & Tick Shampoo. You can effectively, and safely kill ticks with naturals oils. You don’t need toxins that can be harmful to your pet, family and 844-698-4367 | PuraNaturalsPet.com environment. Ingredients are really important to us. We painstakingly research to find the healthiest organic solution. We’ve also made some exciting improvements in some of our top SKU’s: like medical-grade, dual-sided Pura Tips in our top-selling Ear Cleansing System.”

Pura Naturals Pet’s Natural Flea & Tick Shampoo kills and repels fleas or ticks with a new fresh scent. Our skin soothing formula is made with organic Rosemary Oil. The natural antiseptic properties in Rosemary make it a superior disinfectant for skin while moisturizing. Added aromatic Cedar and Peppermint Oil are also natural repellents with a calming effect, and Cinnamon Oil serves as an anti-inflammatory making this shampoo a required regiment during flea & tick season.

To read more about our ingredients, visit PuraNaturalsPet.com/ingredients For information on Pura Naturals Pet visit our website or call a customer service representative at (844) 698-4367.