Ardsley, NY – January 29th, 2018 – Pura Naturals Pet and RADIUS launch new products in conjunction with February’s Dog Dental Month that will have customers and their pets smiling. What’s better than a company creating an organic way to clean canines’ teeth and gums? Two companies, one mission: better by design.

Dental disease can not only cause bad breath, painful infections, and high vet bills, it can also cause life-threatening conditions for your dog’s vital organs, like their heart and kidneys. The new Organic Dental Solutions kit is essential for your dog’s oral care needs.

Beth Sommers, President and Chief Merchandising Officer stated “Currently there is not an organic oral care system for dogs in the market. The majority of the pet toothbrushes available are made overseas. We wanted to create a healthier brush and toothpaste gel, as you need both to effectively work well to prevent dental disease. We could not have picked a better partner than RADIUS as they share our mission of organic wellness.”

The convenient kit includes a toothpaste gel that is free of Xylitol, chemicals, preservatives and dyes. The toothbrush features a tapered handle with a non-slip grip and premium bristles to clean teeth and massage delicate gum tissue. The kits are available in offerings for Puppy, Adult and Senior dogs because each stage of life has its own unique dental requirements.

The Organic Sweet Potato & Cinnamon Toothpaste Gel is the only USDA Certified organic pet toothpaste in the market. It tastes like a treat while being deceptively tough on bacteria and plaque. It is also human safe and packed with specially selected oils and extracts that reduce tooth decay, naturally freshen breath and aid overall oral health. Ingredients include Cinnamon Powder, a natural antimicrobial that may help improve brain function, Sweet Potato to aid digestion and vitamin A for healthy skin, coat and eyes. The Coconut Oil, a natural antibacterial/antiviral, works to reduce bad breath and plaque, while the Olive Leaf Extract soothes inflamed gums and supports gastrointestinal health.

RADIUS CEO & President, Saskia Foley said “RADIUS had been looking to dive into the pet market for quite some time. We’ve been hearing from numerous consumers over the years that our toothbrushes are great for pets, so it was an avenue we were researching and very interested in. When the opportunity to partner with Pura Naturals Pet came about, it was a fabulous melding of two eco and health conscious, like-minded companies that offer quality, USA made products.”

Pura Naturals Pet has worked to create eco-friendly pet products that are manufactured in the USA with environmentally friendly practices. RADIUS shares this same philosophy for health & beauty products. Their commitment to green ethics includes an eco-facility with 50,000 kilowatt solar collectors that generates 63% of their electrical power, successfully lessening the global footprint.

For more information on Pura Naturals Pet, visit PuraNaturalsPet.com or call customer service at (844) 698-4367. For more information on RADIUS visit MadeByRADIUS.com