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Picture of Pura-Tips™
  • Dual sided
  • Medical grade foam
  • Perfect for delicate ears
  • Reusable

NEW dual sided, medical grade tips that are critical for infection prevention.  The new shape allows for exceptional cleaning in tight crevices and with small breeds. The gentle foam head is perfect for delicate ears and is your   go-to replacement for outdated fuzzy cotton swabs that can breed bacteria. The handle is made of a sturdy plastic that will not splinter or break like a traditional wood stick. No adhesives used in the assembly.  Kit comes with 25 reusable Pura Tips - wash with hot water


Large Swab allows for applying ointment to skin abrasions, cleaning under eyes to remove stains and swabbing inside the ear. The Small Tip allows for cleaning crevices in and around the ear, cleaning between pads on the paw and removing secretions from eye corners.

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